The Souks are Calling again

Dubai Souks

Dubai Souks

Lucky me! I’ve been writing about escaping the cold southern hemisphere winters to the warmer northern parts and this year summer is coming twice!

Soon I’ll be fastening my seat belt in my favourite airline (in case you didn’t know, Emirates) and I’ll wing it to Dubai for a few days to lead the Effective Project Coordinator conference. I just find it an incredibly rewarding destination. It is relatively safe (coming from South Africa) and the people are friendly. Shopping and cost-of-living might be a little expensive.

But my view of Dubai might not be the same as yours. Why don’t you comment and tell me what you think of Dubai?

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  1. Ricardo Specking says:

    Greetings! I just wanted to thank you for your extremely attention grabbing story. Posts like this are a really perfect system to assist me in English, but I think I got the message ok 🙂 Thanks again!