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Ghana scores

Last week – and in spite of the pressures of the World Cup – Ghana and a few other West African countries scored (gained – ed) 25 newly trained project managers. During the successful 5-day programmed – very ably facilitated by Leon Uys – the delegates gained some knowledge and skills that they will be […]


Cheating again!

I did it the first time in 1977. Yes, I am a habitual cheater. And I am just about to do it again. Not a big one this time, but nonetheless. I’m talking about the habit of sneaking out of the country for a while during winter, to soak up some sun in the northern […]


Next is Ghana

Yippee! I’m off again to one of my favourite West African destinations – Ghana! I haven’t been back since last year, but I’ve had lots of e-mails from the guys. There is quite a lot of mining going on and besides, it is the English speaking hub of the old colonial Gold Coast. Most sensible […]