Is Cramming For The PMP/CAPM Exam useful?

I am often asked by my students which study technique to use, which technique is better, and which technique will guarantee a pass.

I can’t guarantee a pass, much as I can’t guarantee a win when you enter a marathon race. I can coach and encourage and give some pointers on preparation, but that is all. However, I read a lot about the subject and every now and again I come across a gem of information by the experts which I like to share.

Such happened recently when I was reading (a 7 minute read btw) “The Art and Science of Remembering” subtitled “Key techniques for creating a lasting memory” by Robert Roy Britt in Elemental. You should bounce over and check it out.

He makes many good points, such as involving all your senses when you study and taking regular breaks. I know from my own studies that I write down and make notes and summaries which all helps me remember.

My take-away from the article is to reinforce what I was told by my elders and teachers, and it sounds counter-intuitive: Take a nap. Yes, do some studying, and then let your brain figure out the remembering. Your brain knows what to do if simply given the right opportunity.

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