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Are we there yet?

“Rome wasn’t built in one day” my mother used to say. And neither were the pyramids, I’m sure. Or any other worthwhile project. But how do you know it will be built at all? Or when it will be completed? How can you keep your enthusiasm, your motivation going while the going gets rough? It […]


Plans for 2011

As I’m writing this, it is the morning of the 3rd January 2011. It is a new year lying ahead, full of promises and potential. Many people have made New Years Resolutions that they have already broken, other’s haven’t even started working and are still on vacation or travelling. Schools are only due to open […]


Happy Chinese New year 2011

It getting harder and harder to keep track of everything that is happening around us. When I was little (?) we had a calendar on the fridge door, and there were only a few things to remember because we kind of kept to one religion and one family. Nowadays you have a multicultural, multinational, extended […]