Cheating again!

I did it the first time in 1977.

Yes, I am a habitual cheater.

And I am just about to do it again. Not a big one this time, but nonetheless.

I’m talking about the habit of sneaking out of the country for a while during winter, to soak up some sun in the northern hemisphere. In 1977 I left South Africa for the first time at the end of summer, in April, to spend 6 months of summer in New York (while the chaps in SA were braving the cold) to return just in time for the October Jacaranda’s to bloom in Pretoria. It was 18 consecutive months of summer!

After that it has become somewhat of a habit, always looking north in the colder months.

This year I am sad to say my entire winter escape is only one week long, but I will recharge my batteries as much as possible and write a few words on my other blog. Look out!

One Response to “Cheating again!”

  1. Mark Vice says:

    I love it!