The Uys Family Tree. My interest in this whole family tree thing was raised many years ago when I was still a young man. Some stranger called me up and said he had some photo’s to show me, would I be interested? His name was Barney Uys, and he lived somewhere in northern Pretoria.

What he showed me was intriguing. He had old photo’s of old people and places that I barely recognised but have definitely seen. I asked my parents (who were still alive at the time) and soon we were able to help Barney fit a few more pieces into his family tree puzzle. Since then, it has always been a hobby to know where I fit into my family tree.

When my own- and step-children had to do school assignments on their genealogy it became doubly interesting. We don’t always find solid evidences when we do our research, and even something as seemingly solid as a tombstone can contain erroneous dates. The challenge is to keep on searching for more bits because the more pieces of the puzzle we have the clearer the picture becomes.

As of March 2008 I employed some students to do research on my behalf, and they presented me with some fascinating data that I published. Sadly I later discovered that it was severely plagiarized. Also, there seems to be two distinctly differing versions of the family history. When I was made aware of this problem in early 2010 I decided not to publish any more information unless it falls within my personally observable knowledge.

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