Ghana Views

Airside Hotel, Accra

Airside Hotel, Accra

As a keen gardener I just have to share this picture, taken in Accra, Ghana, with you. It really is an amazing place for creating gardens.

Quite frankly, here in Ghana the soil is so rich you can throw a plank on the ground and it will start growing, springing forth with colourful leaves and multicoloured flowers. In fact, right next to me (I was standing on a walkway) was some edging with 3 colours of flowers in full bloom – and it wasn’t even a flower bed!

Its a pity I don’t have enough time to stop and smell the flowers (metaphorically speaking) as this is a very short and intense assignment. But at least, every lunch time as we walk to the restaurant, I pause for a second and just absorb the incredible beauty of this country. And they have nice weather too. It doesn’t get much better than this!


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    This picture is so nice, but where/how can I have the rest? […]