Travelling again



After a few weeks of (what feels like) solitary confinement at home, sorting out the building alterations and generally shouting at workers that are delivering shoddy workmanship, I’m ready to try anything to get as far away as possible from the local scene.

And as things would have it there is a trip to Accra, Ghana, on the cards. Looking forward, actually. West Africa is rich in projects although mostly mining and minerals, and also rich in delegates with interesting stories to tell about their projects. Easy flight too, only 4 or 5 hours out of Johannesburg. Its going to be an awesome trip.

To my regular readers, I apologise. I know I have been very slack and I have not written as regularly as you are used to. Circumstances, sorry. Its no excuse, but sometimes life takes priority over pleasure. A lot has happened and I will start writing about it soon with lots of snippets and digestive bits.

So when I get to Ghana I will post some photos, just be patient!


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