Ghana scores

Pascal, Ben and Leon

Company Executives with Leon on the far right

Last week – and in spite of the pressures of the World Cup – Ghana and a few other West African countries scored (gained – ed) 25 newly trained project managers.

During the successful 5-day programmed – very ably facilitated by Leon Uys – the delegates gained some knowledge and skills that they will be able to take back to their work places with them.

Post-course, one of the delegates commented that he believes “this is not only for project work but can be applied to all work“.

During the course some of the senior customer executives and managers popped in to show their commitment to the programme and remind the delegates how important project management is for them.

What made this course particularly challenging is that 11 of the delegates were attending from French speaking areas, giving them a double workload which they handled extremely well. One delegate commented that he “can now surely speak in project management“.

Bringing skills to West Africa is vital, and it is always a pleasure for me to work with such dedicated people.

Looking forward to the next one!

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