Next is Ghana

Yippee! I’m off again to one of my favourite West African destinations – Ghana!

I haven’t been back since last year, but I’ve had lots of e-mails from the guys. There is quite a lot of mining going on and besides, it is the English speaking hub of the old colonial Gold Coast. Most sensible people stay away from Nigeria, it is just too corrupt and difficult.

For example one of my favourite stopping points is the Cape Coast where there is a beach where you can walk and swim and picnic and have fun times without being crowded or robbed.

But, back to project management. I’ll be doing some training during the day, but my evenings are free and I have a whole Saturday to spend in Accra, so why not make it a pleasant one with friends or colleagues!

A key objective for this trip (apart from doing actual work of course) is to try to find a way – once again – to help the many willing but disadvantaged young managers. They are so keen, yet there are so few opportunities for self-improvement. This is my third year I’m going to go back, and I still haven’t found a workable solution. Perhaps this year we can put something together. If you want to contribute some ideas please leave a comment.

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  1. Home Improvement says:

    Travel in Ghana is a relatively easy introduction to travel in Africa.

  2. name witheld says:

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