Ten Reasons I like Dubai


Ten Things

I arrived in Dubai one day ahead of my conference starting, and after inspecting my room briefly I decided to take to the streets and malls. Why do I enjoy Dubai so much?

10. I like walking around in my sandals without people looking at me funny. (Seems like everybody wears sandals 😉 )

9. I like walking around because they have these cute, air-conditioned bus huts where everybody ducks in to cool down.

8. I like looking into shop windows to see the products on display without trying to watch on the glass to see who is following me.

7. I like walking on the beach without kicking my sandals against tons of filth and waste and rubbish

6. I like taking my wallet out of my pocket to pay for a Coke at a vendor stall without feeling the hair raise on my neck.

5. I like getting into a taxi to take me home when I’m tired of walking, and I can be seated comfortably.

4. I like buying at vendor stalls without being mobbed robbed and jumped.

3. I can walk to my workplace with my laptop bag over my shoulder without fearing it will be ripped off my arm.

2. I like walking back to the podium after a break and I actually expect to find my laptop is still there.

And number one:

1. Actually, I just like walking around in Dubai. It is an awesome city. And it is safe.

What do you think? If you know a better city – let me know.

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  1. name witheld says:

    We have all of the departures to Dubai Dubai is sometimes called Disneyland of the Middle East.