Outlooking gets interesting twist



You may remember my previous post on Outlook? The experiment to move away from Lotus into the Promised Land of Outlook?

I’m still using Outlook, it has been a busy time and I didn’t have a chance to move back to Lotus or anything else for that matter. I just stuck it out. Like a bad storm. You are not happy but you build this Turtle-shell and you wait for the pounding to stop.

So today I came across this discussion on Slashdot about the guy who wants to archive his e-mails. Bingo! I am not alone! Amazing stuff – I recommend you read all the comments.

Moving on … I saw them mention a free product called MailStore Home … I downloaded, installed, archived from Outlook … and it just works. I am very pleased. It is not a solution to all my problems, but heck! It solved one of my major problems, which is searching my archives going back 10 years or more.

MailStore Home is free but it is definitely not an inferior product. It performed rock-solid, I loaded some 50 000 – odd e-mails, added my Google mailbox and then to add injury to insult I added my Yahoo! mailbox and guess what? It is all there, searchable in a second.

It turned out to be a very good, thought-provoking solution to one of my problems. Maybe the way forward is to think about my problem in smaller chunks and solve them one by one.

Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. leonuys says:

    Link to “MailStore Home” updated. Thanks Maxim for bringing it to my attention. L