Happy Chinese New year 2011

Happy Chinse New Year

Happy Chinse New Year

It getting harder and harder to keep track of everything that is happening around us. When I was little (?) we had a calendar on the fridge door, and there were only a few things to remember because we kind of kept to one religion and one family.

Nowadays you have a multicultural, multinational, extended family scenario and if it weren’t for Outlook (oh yes, more – or less – of that later) I would be dead meat.

So anyways, the Chinese year of the Rabbit starts on 3 February 2011 (today) and it is the year 4709 by Chinese calculations. Their calendar has been around ten times longer than our Gregorian jobbie. It uses different events to mark the passage of time and feels a little bit more in keeping with nature although that could be simply because they choose animals to symbolise the periods. You can read more at this blog.

So, to all my Chinese friends out there, here’s wishing you and yours a fabulous year ahead. Thank you for bringing some interesting new perspective into our lives.

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