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Windows Phone 8 Review

I had the opportunity to use a Windows 8 phone for a few days. Specifically the one made by HTC, the smaller 8S. I picked up and held the 8X, but it was about as heavy as my existing HTC One X, so I thought it would be nicer to play with the 8S. It […]


Keeping In Touch

When you are a project manager on the road, happiness is a working phone, any phone, just as long as you can stay in contact. And pictures of sites, problems, designs, notes or whatever is an essential piece of that communications puzzle. Cairo or Cape Town, just get the message through. I’ve been on Symbian […]


Seven or Ten

My “old” laptop (it’s always “old” isn’t it?) is running Windows XP Pro. So since my disasterous attempts to “upgrade” to Outlook (see my previous post here), all my Microsoft buddies promised me that all my problems will be solved if I upgrade to Windows 7. Great news! But this time I wasn’t going to […]