Can you feel it?



Remember the slogan during the recent FIFA SCW? Can you Feel it! It’s here!

Well today, as I drove past some obsolete billboards I thought: Can you feel it? It’s gone!

A lot of people seem to feel like the morning after the night before.

Even News24 had a short article on post world cup blues which talks about people feeling rather let down now that all the fun and games are over. Children are back to school, there are bills to pay, jobs to finish, projects to finish.

Aahh! Projects. Do you think the SWC was a project? If so, do you think it was a successful project?

If projects are unique, and this one repeats every 4 years, can it be a project? Or can we treat this particular event (or series of events) as a single project? Who would be the project sponsor that is asking for the benefits? What are those benefits? Are there more than one beneficiary? Who were the stakeholders? Could one imagine each of the 64 matches to be a unique sub-project? What did the project actually deliver?

Or what about the process they followed. Did they follow a particular methodology? Did they measure progress in a particular way? Do they use some software of some kind? Do they have sub-area-managers to look after particular sub-sections? How is all of this coordinated? And documented? Do they retain lessons learned?

Moving right along to the lessons we can learn from this. Remember in project work, by definition it is a temporary endeavour, so when the project is completed and it has delivered the expected benefits the human resources are released from their duties towards this project. They must find other work. How does that make you feel? Redundant or excited? Up or down?

The message I’m trying to create is a very simple one: Any large project is going to come to an end, and when it does people will feel blue. People will feel they have climaxed and there is nothing to motivate them and urge them on. This is a serious issue, and there is a big need to handle this properly. BeerGrin over at metafilter asked the same question and answers varied from managing energy levels to smell the roses.

Lots of Freeway Improvement projects and other large infrastructure projects, also Gautrain, will be coming to an end soon. How do you suggest we handle the post project blues? You can comment by clicking the link near the top of this article.

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