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I am so excited! My new Project Management For Line Managers course is turning out to be extremely popular with larger corporates and I could never have anticipated the levels of interest.

Yup, now is not a good time to do projects badly.

And investing in your scarce resources, making them more effective, is of utmost concern to the organisations I’m talking to.

But, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is … that the good news is killing me. The demand for customization is very high. Every organization is wanting a unique level or a unique emphasis or a unique schedule. It almost seems like everybody wants a different course!

Careful analysis of the customer feedback gave me an interesting view of the problem. It seems like one could almost take off-the-shelf modules (Time, Cost, Scope … remember PMBOK?) and arrange them in a 3-dimensional cube as follows:

The First dimension is duration of the course. A module can take up to 3 hours, so we can develop a course that is 5 days long covering perhaps 12 modules. A whole week one-time … or 8 weeks one afternoon per week.

The Second dimension is the topics covered or modules. Some organizations feel they need more or less emphasis on a particular subject, so a module can be shortened, dropped altogether or expanded.

Finally the Third dimension is level of understanding. Lower level employees need more hand-on, whereas more senior people may simply need guidance to develop their own portfolios. At the moment I’m offering 3 levels: 1- Foundation, 2- Associates, 3- Professionals. There is a strong demand for a “Master Class” but due to time pressure I simply haven’t had a chance to look at that. Maybe next time.

If you are interested you can download a few examples from my download area. Just leave a comment and I will send you your login details via e-mail.

And hey! Thank you for the awesome support! It is nice to know that customers like what you offer.

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