New Years Resolutions 2011

2011 Resolutions

2011 Resolutions

Well, the celebrations are over and a lot of people are going back to work tomorrow. It is Sunday evening, the sun is setting, and I’m reflecting on where I am and where I want to be. Time for some New Years Resolutions. Again.

Over at my other blog I mentioned some of the things I might be interested in doing in 2011, but it was frivolous and very un-serious. Since this is a more serious blog, I thought I should be writing about more serious stuff.

And that is where I got stuck. I couldn’t really find something that would fit nicely into the category of “New Years Resolution“. Don’t get me wrong: I have already made some business decisions for 2011, and I’ve got plans to make 2011 an exceptionally good year.

But “New Years Resolutions” are not the same. They always seem to contain the things on your “Impossible-To-Do” list. For some odd reason that I fail to understand people (including me) put things on their New Years Resolutions lists that are very hard to do, and for which there is no apparent motivation.

Then I decided on a brilliant plan: I’m going to make New Years Resolutions for 2011 that are S-M-A-R-T. You know, the Simple, Measurable and Achievable stuff. Here is my updated list:

1. I am going to gain another 5kg in 2011.

2. I am not going to drive at the speed limit in 2011.

3. I will not renew my gym contract in 2011.

There. I feel better already.

Christmas 2010



In the words of some author who I don’t recall “And so the time has come to pass” … To all my Christian friends out there, may you have a blessed Christmas season.

And in particular for those of us who live in the southern hemisphere, have a hot and happy new year!

Fireworks on Diwali

Diwali 2010

Diwali 2010

I just realised a very interesting thing, and that is that in 2010 we celebrate both Guy Fawkes day and also Diwali on the 5th November.

What an amazing coincidence, that two independent “light” festivals are held on the same day this year. Both festivals have to do with lights in one way or another. For somebody like me who loves anything that is a colourful light, both are incredibly interesting events.

Needless to say I think their origins are somewhat different. I believe that Guys Fawkes day was originally intended to be a once-off display of serious magnitude. Just a once-off flicker, really.

On the other hand, the Diwali festival of lights is a joyful time and signals the beginning of new things. The triumph of good over evil. All around much more happy event. According to the website at Diwali Festival .org the main thing is to light some candles in a row and invite family and friends over for some meals – not unlike our Christian Christmas feast.

To make things even more interesting, a few days ago we celebrated All Saints Day on the 1st November, also a day of new beginnings as I wrote on my other blog.

So … this is a wish to all my friends, that their careers and personal lives will kick off with a lot of fireworks on this Diwali festival.


Spice Gold



Tanzania always conjures up images of white sandy beaches drenched with sun and the smell of spices. After all the island of Zanzibar is called Spice Island.

But Tanzania also produces a significant amount of Gold, and where there is gold there are mines, and where there are mines there will be projects.

So next week I’m off to Dar-Es-Salaam to talk to a few Project Managers. Looking forward actually. Apparently it is a select group of managers who want to hone their skills on the latest developments in PM. This is right up my alley!

Will keep you informed!