Getting noticed by T

I’ve spent at least 12 hours today trying to figure out how blogs work, and how to get them listed and noticed, and how to make them searchable. Seems like I must also do a technorati listing for this one similar to what I did for my main site. Mr Technorati, this is the short code GM6QH2MWV4JH for you.

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Life is funny

Not funny as in ha-ha funny, but strange in the way it sometimes hits us from the blind side. The unfair side. The side that should never be.
I was so ready for a few days holiday, getting away from work, and quite satisfied when I was brought to a stand-still. Unexpected, from an angle that I would never have expected. But like I said in my other blog we don’t really know the person closest to us.
I can’t say very much at this stage, and quite frankly I don’t know very much either. It is serious, very serious, but it is up to the two people involved to make it work. Or not.
My heart cringes.
Good luck.

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It is in

Reading the title of this post you can easily get crafty ideas!

But it simply means it (WP) is installed over or on top of  joomla on my server. I  probably broke a few things in the process, but here it is. It seems to run. And I love WordPress.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress on leonuys – this was my first post. I need to understand how trackbacks work, so I’m going to send something to toptutors for a test!