Exciting New Service



Hello again! Today we have some really exciting news!

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to serve our customers better, and we’ve just found something so simple, yet so useful, we’ve decided to give it away as a freebee to all our future delegates and contacts.

It started so innocently. You see, while you are attending a meeting, a seminar or any of our other premium events, the chances are that you will be so absorbed in our quality materials that you will not be able to imagine any unanswered questions.

But later on, when you’ve had a chance to absorb the materials more deeply, suddenly the questions start cropping up. And they have the nasty habit of becoming bothersome questions.

It is no longer necessary to tolerate this situation! Helping our customers solve their issues is exactly why we are starting this new free service. From now on, following any meeting, event or training, all our delegates and attendees can access a free Question-and-Answer service for the first 3 months after the event. Simply send your query to support@leonuys.co.za and we will present it to our panel of specialists for an expert opinion and response.

Normally this service is available at around R800,00 (USD 100) per hour of research time, with a minumum charge of R350 per incident to pre-paid customers. We are now offering it as a free add-on extra to all our future customers as part of the package.

But that is not all. We are not going to stop there!

We are so excited about the potential value of this service that we decided to offer it to a few selected groups of people – chosen at random from various sectors of the project management spectrum or visitors to this website. Yes, for the next 3 months you can send your query to support@leonuys.co.za and we will present it to our panel of specialists for a free expert opinion and response.

Alternatively if you don’t feel like sending an e-mail you can leave a comment on any of the posts here – we will see it and respond by e-mail.

Don’t wait! Rush NOW to take advantage of this superb offer!

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